• Exclusive member benefit (discount) for your association to offer
  • Non-dues revenue generator 
  • Increase member satisfaction

A Trusted Leader in Digital 

Cloud Fax Technology

Protect ePHI Fax Transmissions

>> Download Secure Faxing Fact Sheet

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

They want assurance their faxes meet HIPAA guidelines – we'll back this up by signing a BAA.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

They want their faxes protected with the most sophisticated cloud-fax security protocols available, including TLS encryption.

No Fax Maintenance

No Fax Maintenance

They want to never have to pay again for hardware, software, or have to maintain an on-site fax infrastructure.

Meet Audit Standards

Meet Audit Standards

They want their healthcare faxing to be in alignment with 20 different tracking and reporting metrics.

Streamlined Workflows

They want to use Fax APIs, customer cover pages, auto-resends and more — so they can fax more efficiently.

Streamlined Workflows

Unlimited Scalability

Unlimited Scalability

They want the flexibility to scale up or down as often as their business needs change — and pay only for what they use.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Faxing

>> Download HIPAA Fact Sheet

Health Data Interoperability 

>> Download Interoperability White Paper

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HIPAA Compliant Secure Faxing for Healthcare Providers

Why Healthcare Providers Need eFax Corporate

A typical day-in-the-life of a healthcare professional exchanging health data with other healthcare entities.

Boost Your Members' Satisfaction Through Valuable Services 

A fully hosted, digital cloud fax technology used by healthcare providers, payers and home care professionals, eFax Corporate lets your members securely send and receive faxes by email. Health providers use our service to seamlessly exchange documents securely, adhere to regulatory compliance and reduce their overall faxing costs.

  • A cost-effective, cloud-based enterprise fax service for sending and receiving faxes by email, from computers, tablets or smart phones, eFax Corporate eliminates your members’ needs for costly fax equipment, software and licenses. 

  • A simple way to help your members enhance the security of their important health data faxes, with complete audit trails and secure transmission options.

Increase Your Members' Spend Commitment Levels

eFax Corporate helps you differentiate your offerings with a cost-effective and proven solution to your members’ enterprise faxing needs - a powerful service that adds revenue generating opportunities applicable to both your existing and new members.

  • Your sales team can quickly add eFax Corporate to their portfolio of offerings - increasing members' investment and commitment levels.

  • Offer a solution your members are asking for — from a proven partner with the most widely deployed online fax service used by the  Fortune 500. 

Take Advantage of Association Pricing Discounts

Our philosophy is that when you succeed, we succeed. That’s why eFax Corporate offers you:

  • A valuable service to optimize your members' document delivery capabilities

  • Association custom pricing to help your revenue stream

We are pleased to offer Associations with the following benefits for your members:

  • Partner with a leading vendor of digital cloud fax technology
  • Profit Sharing (Non-Dues Revenue) every quarter based on member sales
  • Competitive and Custom pricing for your association members
  • Extensive marketing support

  • Joint media coverage and press support
  • Provide a member benefit that will save them money, efficiency and security
  • Participation in your association advertising opportunities