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8 Key Questions You’ll Want to Ask

If your IT staff or business is spending a lot of time maintaining aging fax infrastructure or evaluating the pros and cons of continuing to invest in and maintain this infrastructure (like servers, fax machines, telco lines) then you may want to consider moving to a cloud fax model. 

Or, perhaps your organization is already sold on sun-setting your existing on-site fax infrastructure to a cloud fax service, and you’re just looking to perform a thorough due-diligence to present the business case to stakeholders in your organization – but don’t know the right questions to ask or how to get started.

Good news - help is on the way!  You’ll find many of the key questions to ask potential cloud fax providers in our new eFax Corporate White Paper – The IT Manager’s Survival Guide:  Outsource Your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud.  In this White Paper, we’ll help you evaluate your existing fax infrastructure vs. outsourcing to a cloud fax solution, and share eight key questions you’ll want to ask potential providers. 

For example: 

If you’ve decided that a fully hosted, cloud fax model is the way to go for your company, we’ll help walk you through the next steps — including key questions you need to ask any would-be cloud fax provider. Among the list of questions you’ll find in this white paper are: 

  • What are the costs of investing (or reinvesting) in on premise fax infrastructure?
  • What is your potential partner’s Disaster Recovery Plan?
  • Is your potential partner’s solution HIPAA compliant?
  • What Business Continuity and Security measures does a potential partner deploy?
  • Can a potential partner offer unlimited scalability?

You can read the full white paper by downloading The IT Manager’s Survival Guide to Outsourcing Your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud here. .

The IT Manager's Survival Guide: 
Outsource Your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud 

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Michael Flavin,
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Michael Flavin is Sr. Product Marketing Manager at j2 Cloud Services, Inc. and is responsible for the go-to-market strategies for the eFax Corporate® suite of solutions. eFax is the world's leading online fax provider and helps thousands of companies in highly-regulated industries, including healthcare, to transmit and manage sensitive documents efficiently and securely.


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