Extend the value of your NextGen HIT software – with

fully integrated online faxing.

The secure fax solution the healthcare industry depends on.

Add Secure Digital Faxing

[No Hardware Needed]

Add more value to your NextGen Healthcare IT solutions, with seamlessly integrated online faxing from MyFax® , the leading Internet fax provider. MyFax helps healthcare firms like yours save money with an all-online fax service within and external to the NextGen Fax Manager, while boosting your productivity and strengthening your security and compliance.

Send and Receive Faxes Directly Within NextGen

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NextGen / MyFax® dedicated account team: (888) 381-0009

Activate the Built-In MyFax Cloud in Your NextGen Fax Manager to:

  • Streamline your workflow — send and receive faxes right from Fax Manager
  • Enhance the security and HIPAA alignment of your faxes
  • Save money on fax servers, software licenses and analog fax lines
  • Pay only for the cloud fax service you need — scale up and down anytime
  • Further improve workflow by integrating desktop and multifunction printer faxing when needed